A rank is basically specifying the position of your ad in the paid search results. For example, if you Ad showed up on the second than your ad rank via Google AdWords management your ad is on number two in searching. The question is: what factors are actually impacting on your Ad rank? In 2017 Google AdWords management changes some of its policies of the functionalities of ad ranking. One of the major impacts made by the Google AdWords management is the use of machine learning to rank the ads.

Your bids on ads and rank threshold will be passed through the Google’s system. In this system, the search will analyze what are the major keywords are searched by the users that what the users are actually searching for. The behavior of the user will also be analyzed using this system by the Google AdWords management.
This means every search made by the users carries different weights and rank differently. Sometimes you can get the higher rank by biding high for the ads.
According to Google, there are some factors that are influencing the Ad ranks.





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