There will be winners and losers along the way, but when the wave breaks, huge profits will be made by those who have the best information and analysis. A possible catalyst for starting this Third Wave is Augmented Reality (AR), with innovations that could transcend the iPhone and all Smartphones, making them obsolete. AR is different than Virtual Reality (VR) in that AR overlays graphics and images on top of the real world around you, something like the Pokemon Go game that became wildly popular on Smartphones a few years ago.

AR is also the technology that fighter pilots use for the Heads-Up-Displays (HUD) in the cockpit of their jet fighters. A reliable mobile repairing center always offers a full 12 months warranty on their service. Warranty on service is a sign that the highest possible standard has been maintained throughout the repairing procedure and the repairing company is quite confident about their service.Whether it is a broken screen, accidental damage or liquid damage, a trusted mobile repair shop will use OEM quality premium parts. A top quality repairing company will assure their clients for genuine parts at the lowest price in comparison to other ordinary service providers.


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